Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I get started?

First of all, take your time and read each knowledge card carefully. If anything is unclear, search the web (e.g. wikipedia or our website) for an answer. It is important to understand these 10 cards because they are linked to each task later. If you are not certain, just use the knowledge cards and solve each one as a separate task: Shoot in the worm's-eye view, go and search for lines or try to capture a subject by using the Golden Ratio.

Then continue to the task cards. These should be easy to complete as the tasks are clear and simple. However when it comes to the combination of the two types of cards, you will need to use your "creativity muscle". Give yourself sufficient time to complete the tasks. If you still lack inspiration, check out the Flickr Group and see how other photographers solved the same task.

Q. How is this different from other photography task apps?

There are already a couple of task cards or task apps for photographers on the market. However all are made up purely of photo tasks. The bigger picture concept is different. By combining knowledge and task cards you get a broad variety of different challenges. Additionally all challenges teach you basic knowledge about photography.

Q. What learning can I expect?

You'll learn about the basics of photo design, such as Perspectives, Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio and so on. The tasks focus on seeking, identifying, and arranging motifs. Completing the tasks will get you out shooting in new exciting ways and helps you thus to take better, more interesting photos more quickly. Since only practice makes perfect.

Q. What kind of camera do I need?

Because the tasks focus on seeking, identifying, and arranging motifs, the type of camera is not very important. But to be able to complete all tasks you should have a bridge camera or a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera). You should be able to use your camera in manual or in aperture priority mode.

Note: the bigger picture cards do not contain technical knowledge of your camera.

Q. How and why should I "tag" my pictures?

When uploading your images to providers such as Flickr you have the possibility to add "tags" (a label with image information attached) to each picture. Taged images can more easily be found and categorized. Use the indiviual task and knowlege numbers as tags, for example: "W01", "A01" or/and "W01-A01" and of course "bigger picture".

If you save your images on flickr, it can become an inspiration for other photographers using the bigger picture app. In addition it's much easier for others to find your pictures and comment - if you want.

Q. Why is the deck of cards only available in English & German?

The deck of bigger picture cards was funded by crowdfunding in germany. So the first step was to realize the cards in German. During the crowdfunding came the demand for an app. So we decided to realize a bigger picture app in the next step. This app is now available for iOS in English and German. Likewise, the cards are now available in English. Please give us feedback if you like the concept, we may produce the deck of cards in Spanish or French too :-)

Q. Who is behind the bigger picture scenes?

Inventor of the bigger picture cards is the German photographer and graphic designer Kilian Kunz. Programmer of the bigger picture iOS App is Dominik Wei-Fieg. They known each other and appreciate their work for many years.

Q. Why is no extra information added to the task web pages?

Due to time constraints. It will be supplemented over time.